Breaking Habits by Zodiac Sign

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Just for fun, I compiled this list of habit-breaking strategies that typify each zodiac sign. Now, don't worry that you must follow your own zodiac sign's method. Remember, each of us have all the zodiac signs represented in our charts somewhere. Read these as great ideas presented in 12 different flavors, and use what works for you.

Aries: JUST DO IT. The person who came up with this Nike shoe company slogan must have been an Aries. Your approach to a habit is to fully embrace it until you are ready (really ready) to let it go. You will actively and openly smoke, overeat, bite fingernails, etc., as long as you still feel like doing it. When it is no longer fun or useful, you will just quit. Cold Turkey. Boom. You don't dawdle.

Taurus: FIND SOMETHING MORE VALUABLE. You are inspired by whatever is valuable to self and others. When you decide that a habit is no longer worthy of your time and energy, you find the will to quit. Research a number of avenues, and choose the one that fits your lifestyle and temperament. Then follow it step-by-step.

Gemini: CALL EVERYONE and ask how they would do it. Gemini is a social butterfly, and needs to interact with others in the nearby vicinity. You could talk to others and survey the pros and cons of many techniques. Then, you might start a newsletter on the subject that keeps everyone swapping information.  Personally, Gemini will hop from one technique to another, using an eclectic approach that might drive others crazy, but works beautifully for you.

Cancer: FIND A BETTER SOURCE OF COMFORT. Cancer, you are a master at nurturing others, but sometimes forget to love yourself. All habits serve our needs, but with you this is more pronounced. You can best end an old habit by finding a better way to self-nurture.  Trade snack or smoke time for warm-fuzzy time: massage, bubble bath, meditation, or hugging and being with loved ones.

Leo: DRAMATIZE IT. Leo likes attention, everyone! Audience reaction to your life is very helpful, and you know how to make your life story interesting. You can divert the energy of your habit into writing a novel, making a movie, or singing a song about the travails and ultimate success of your adventure. You often see life as a drama, so write a habit-breaking script for yourself.

Virgo: DO IT IN A PRACTICAL, HEALTHY WAY. Virgos are fabulous organizers, and often find ways to streamline several needs into one. Need to exercise more? Start riding a bicycle to work and serve two purposes. Need to quit smoking? Use your excess, nervous energy to clean out all your closets and "air out" your home along with your body. Need to stop cussing? Take a foreign language for your upcoming trip overseas, and practice it constantly.

Libra: DO IT WITH A PARTNER. Libra needs a helper, a sounding board, and a buddy who shares the trials and joys of changing a habit. It doesn't hurt if you can fall in love with this partner, for nothing inspires you so much as love. Together, you can find an effective and positive path for change.

Scorpio: KEEP IT A SECRET. Scorpio knows how to make and use emotional will power. You keep important information to yourself, and allow it to "brew" creating a sort of volcanic energy. When the time is right, you unleash secrets in a way that no one can block. If you want to lose 10 pounds, then do not mention it to others. Wear heavy clothes that hide your weight loss. For motivation, mentally savor the day that you reveal your success, especially to those who would rather you did not succeed.

Sagittarius: DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Sagittarians are most "at home" when moving or traveling, especially in foreign or philosophical terrains. You feel relaxed when you can see the grand view, which can only be gained through geographical distance or mental objectivity. Schedule a special retreat, during which you will quit your habit and seek your next adventure.

Capricorn: USE IT FOR YOUR CAREER. Capricorns like to master a public identity (career) even if it means being a successful bum. Use your habit release to better your career.  If you are a counselor, find a quit-smoking technique, and then share it with your clients. If you are a banker and you need to go on a diet, start a diet contest or exercise room at your office, and involve co-workers.

Aquarius: DO IT WITH A GROUP. Aquarians are group oriented. It often works for you to join forces with others.  Successful groups already exist that provide support and inspiration for numerous habits and life issues. If you cannot find one that suits your particular needs, start your own!

Pisces: MAKE IT NOBLE AND SPIRITUAL. People who doubt that anyone in this world really cares should meet a Pisces. You not only care, you also must contribute somehow. Unfortunately, you often do this by taking on others' emotional pain and  bad habits. Now, Pisces, you cannot really help others unless you keep yourself strong, bright, healthy, and successful! Remember that and allow yourself the ego-strength to let go of your habit. Then you will be smashingly effective at helping others.

Hope you find that helpful ☺


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